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Android Distribution Figures

Google will release the new version of its popular O.S, Android Nougat, before the end of the year. Until then, Google has released the current Android distribution stats, which show that Android Marshmallow is now installed on 13.3% of devices.

Android Lollipop continues to be the most popular version, being present on over 35% of the devices, closely followed by KitKat, which is found on 30.1% of the devices.


So was Android Marshmallow a hit? Not at all, according to the stats above. The explanation for its lack of popularity is quite simple, though: Android is an open source OS, and this allows big companies like Samsung to customize it, branding it with their own sets of features, and so on. Then, when a new Android version is released, those companies choose to focus their energy on their newest devices, leaving the older ones with an outdated O.S.


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Leaked

We are about a month away from Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 release. Yes, you read that right: there will be no Galaxy Note 6. The jump from Note 5 to Note 7 will be done with the goal of making it easier for people to choose their large screen phones: having names like S7 and Note 7 for the same phone generation will simplify the users’ job.

A few days ago, a new image of the Note 7 has been released.


So what will be special about Galaxy Note 7, besides a curved screen, a slightly faster CPU, a slightly better camera, etc? Samsung is bringing dust and water resistance to its flagship phone this time.

The Note 7 is probably going to incorporate a 5.8 inch display, running at 2560×1440 pixels, Exynos/Snapdragon CPUs coupled with 6GB of RAM and a 12 megapixels camera.
Pricing details, availability and other features are probably going to be announced at Samsung’s press event that will be held on the 2nd of August.


Invidyo Child Monitoring System

A new child monitoring system, which incorporates advanced AI algorithms, has been recently unveiled.

Invidyo uses face and emotions recognition artificial intelligence code to identify important moments in your child’s life, and then assembles them, creating adorable photos and movies.

Sure, it would be even better if you’d have the possibility to spend all day with your kid, but this is the next best thing imho.


Invidyo saves any parent a lot of time; you won’t have to watch countless hours of still movies to capture the moment of joy on your child’s face from now on. With Invidyo, a daily “Magic Moments Clip” is automatically generated for you.

Right now, Invidyo is on Kickstarter. Pledges start at just $99, offering a huge saving in comparison with the expected $298 retail price.